As an accomplished Paramedic, Tom trains instructors and healthcare providers in classrooms and labs, at international conferences and on cruise ships. He is an accomplished speaker and force multiplier, empowering learners to grow professionally during simulation and motivating educators to create realistic, relevant training that improves quality and patient safety. His enthusiasm and ability to engage healthcare providers, forged in the fire and EMS service and refined in one of the nation’s best academic medical centers, are evident in everything he does.

Office Emergencies, React like a medic

Effective response to medical emergencies in the dental setting requires a team approach. Each member of the dental practice staff must be ready to recognize the signs and symptoms of a developing medical emergency, provide initial basic care, and operate within a clearly defined role to give the patient the best chance for recovery. This interactive presentation will cover preplanning and necessary training, basic emergency recognition and management, interacting with EMS and other medical disciplines, and the ongoing training necessary to reinforce best practices in emergency response and maintain office readiness


  • Understand the basic signs and symptoms of common medical emergencies
  • Gain a basic understanding of current street drugs
  • Learn how to build a response plan with scripts to automate the office staff during high risk

What drug is sitting in your chair?

With the opioid epidemic on the rise and fancy new designer drugs out, do you know what your patient is under the influence of? Do you change how you treat a suspected addict? Should you? This dynamic interactive course will touch on topics not talked about frequently in the dental world.


  • Develop awareness of the scope of the current opioid epidemic
  • Learn strategies for identification and management of dental patients suffering from addiction
  • Discuss the growth of designer drugs and their impact on dental care
  • Identify the need to establish office policies and procedures to safely treat addicted patients
  • Discuss resources available for patients and providers
  • Learn how the public health system is confronting this epidemic and how dental providers can help