Everyone can be a Leader! (Keynote presentation)

Leadership among your team through culture and influence are essential to practice growth & success. Laura Nelson, founder of Front Office Rocks, reveals how to help team members become more effective leaders and delves into the fundamentals of managing yourself, leading your team, and motivating others to help you accomplish your personal & practice goals. You will gain a better understanding of the importance of practice culture, leadership style and the nature of influence. You will learn more about your own strengths, and weaknesses, you will develop a leadership style that is unique to you and you will leave with a renewed confidence and an action plan for continuing your growth as a leader.


  1. Improve your performance by strengthening your leadership skills
  2. Manage your teams, your team members & your patients more effectively
  3. Develop a leadership style that is unique to you

(Day 1) Clocked-In: Make Every Minute Matter

Understanding the why and the purpose behind time management is the first step to keeping your practice organized and efficient. Learning and implementing good time management skills can increase practice productivity and helps to create a productive and positive work environment. A practice that is well organized and team members that balance their time well, will have better communication among the team and work more efficiently. Having time management and organization skills are key to creating an environment that team members thrive and patients appreciate, allowing for a less stressful work environment the ability to offer the best care for patients.


  1. Discuss the Why and the Importance of Time Management in the Dental Practice
  2. Recognize the Importance of Morning Huddles and Meetings
  3. Examine the Keys to Effective Time Management
  4. Identify Barriers to Effective Time Management

(Day 2) Getting Along: Talking It Out, Keeping Teams Strong

Most dental practice owners and administrators were not trained in business or communication. As the business owner or practice manager, you regularly manage patient issues, office drama and the working relationships you have with your team, who can be your biggest advocate or detriment.  This course dives into the keys to successful communication with your patients and your team and the complex relationships dentists and office managers have with the each other. The presentation will delve into communication techniques that work to create a true partnership between the dentist, the office manager, the team and your patients.


  1. Identify the 7 C’s of Effective Communication
  2. Describe the Communication Cycle
  3. Review How to be an Active Listener
  4. Examine the 8 Tools to Handle Difficult Discussions