Katherine Eitel Belt is Dentistry’s Unscripted Communications Coach! International speaker, author, and coach, Katherine’s best known for helping professionals navigate courageous conversations with clients, co-workers, and audiences. Whether from the treatment room, boardroom, or stage, Katherine’s clients love her simple yet powerful formulas for delivering clear and inspirational messages. Her company, LionSpeak, uses a proprietary tool, The Lioness Principle, to help practices achieve extraordinary results by leveraging their ability to communicate with greater impact. Spotlight-On-Speaking champion, member of National Speaker’s Association, Speaking Consulting Network, Academy of Dental Management Consultants (past president), Dental Business Institute faculty, Linda Miles Spirit Award recipient.

Courageous Conversations: How Dental Professionals Can Positively Impact the Opioid Crisis

We’ve all heard about the opioid crisis in our country and the role that dentistry has played. Katherine Eitel Belt, Dentistry’s Unscripted Communications Expert, will speak from close personal experience about how it’s not enough to limit the opioids you prescribe. What really matters is how we recognize the opportunities, counsel when we must prescribe, offer appropriate help when needed, and change the stereotype around this horrifying epidemic stealing our nation’s heart. Katherine will show us how to change our mindset, practice a skillset, and provide the toolset to have the Courageous Conversations that need having within a dental practice to make a massive positive difference in our profession. Do not miss this moving and informative presentation about the courage it takes to make a real difference in the world.


  • 3 steps to developing a courageous mindset
  • 4-part Courageous Conversation framework
  • How to recognize Courageous Conversation opportunities
  • How to appropriately counsel when prescribing opioids
  • How to positively impact the cycle of shame

Have Them At Hello: Unscripted Telephone Skills for the Exceptional Practice

Throw out those old, tired scripts! You can be amazingly effective and still be YOU! In this high-energy presentation, Katherine Eitel Belt, Dentistry’s Unscripted Communication Expert, shares four simple yet innovative steps to polish your telephone skills and improve your results. Discover how to create consistency of message without using a script and increase productivity tomorrow with incoming new patient calls, including price shoppers and insurance callers. Learn to use a call evaluation process that can make a true, positive difference and accelerate your team training. With conversion rates hovering around 35% and 40% of calls going unanswered in the average dental office, the lost revenue and opportunities are staggering. Whether you are a referral-based practice or market externally, this course will dramatically improve your success in converting more calls to appointments, increasing your marketing ROI, and cementing your reputation as a practice with extraordinary patient service.


  • Use a 4-part new patient call framework instead of a script
  • Handle difficult callers with ease such as price shoppers and insurance questions
  • Implement a call evaluation and training program your team will love
  • Measure your results accurately