Jeff Buske has been Practicing dentistry now for 23 years. His main focus is on Full mouth rehabilitation and the placement and restoration of dental implants. Jeff has been living a challenge-based lifestyle for the past 5 1/2 years which has allowed him to expand as a husband, father, businessman, and leader. He is the Founder and Co-creator of Dental Syndicate which ignites Dentists’ businesses and lives.

Real, Raw, Relevant, Results

You’ve been operating under the assumption that you can only be good at one thing. You have been taught and told that having it all is not possible, that focus on your practice will take away from your relationship from your Family, Health, Spirituality and Purpose. It does not have to!!
I will teach you a powerful simple formula to increase power, productivity, and profitability all while building practices and lives that matter. The formula I will share is called reverse engineered production.


1. Recognize how getting to new high levels of productivity has nothing to do with learning a new procedure.
2. Determine how to increase your results with more certainty while strengthening your relationships.
3. Create fun!