Holly Anne Mitchell is the Founder of the LeadWell Network, a certified hypnotist, keynote speaker, master practitioner in neurolinguistic programming, life and business coach in the dental industry. She is a faculty member of the Dental Speakers Institute Fellowship Program, founder of the Dental Avengers Mental Wellness Summit, and author of the new book Try Self-Hypnosis.

Try Self-Hypnosis: Diving Deep into the Secret Language of the Unconscious Mind

One of the most portable forms of mental health that exist, self-hypnosis is a best kept secret among the world's top athletes, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Nervous about speaking onstage or in front of a camera? Learn how to regulate your own nervous system from certified hypnotist, author, and NLP master practitioner Holly Anne Mitchell. Unlock the secrets of your unconscious and hack your brain to heal the past, change a habit, or envision a brighter future. More than a meditation, self-hypnosis empowers you to improve your creativity and relationships, increase your health and energy, decrease the effects of anxiety and depression, so that you can have an abundant life of extraordinary joy and impact.


1. Determine how to design your day (and your business) to optimize the happy neurochemicals.

2. Recognize what hypnosis is (and isn't) and how to use it on yourself to optimize your mental acuity and wellbeing

3. Identify how to utilize pattern interrupts to regulate your nervous system back into "the zone"

4. Experience self-hypnosis and identify its applications in life, relationships, and business