Elaine Rodriguez, RDH, Founder, CEO


Elaine is the CEO/Founder & Director of Education for Dental Laser Integrations, the nation's leading resource for combined laser certification and team-oriented technology training for overall practice growth and professional development. Elaine has helped countless offices nationwide see a return on investment, elevate clinical standards of care, and achieve a higher level of patient satisfaction and clinical success!

Laser Certification: Preventative, Restorative & Cosmetic Laser Dentistry

Learn to launch lasers in your practice, using your technology with ease, efficiency and an elevated flare! In this program, Oral Physician, Dr. Hanna Mansoor, & Elaine Rodriguez, RDH show you how to create massive value in both chairs, elevate your brand, and use your laser(s) to your maximum potential all while offering your patients the highest quality of care with the latest, cutting-edge, medical-dental technology!


  • Laser Fundamentals and Safety Training
  • Practice Management, Medical & Dental Codeology, Fee for Service Fee Setting
  • Intro to Marketing Your Laser, How to Grow Your Practice
  • Hygiene Procedures: Lecture & Hands On
  1. Laser Bacterial Reduction for all patients
  2. Laser Assisted Perio Therapy
  3. Root Desensitizing
  4. Lesions: Herpetic, Aphthous, Oral Mucositis
  5. TMJ Treatment
  6. Whitening