Cathryn H. Bonar is Senior Vice President – Compliance & Medical Billing of Vivos Therapeutics. She formerly served as Owner and Director of Reimbursity Medical Billing Services, Inc., which created and implemented a medical billing process and protocol for billing medical insurance for Dentists and Oral Surgeons across the country. Cathryn was also a partner and director of Medical EZ Billing. Ms. Bonar is regarded as an expert in medical billing for dental practices and has been featured in various professional periodicals for her work. She has lectured at various dental conventions on medical billing. Mrs. Bonar initiated and developed company compliance procedures, quality record management and regulatory processes. She leads our Compliance Committee to ensure and execute company compliance with the laws and governing regulatory bodies applicable to Vivos Therapeutics. She is an invaluable resource to Vivos Therapeutics procuring FDA clearances and clinical trials throughout the country. Ms. Bonar holds a Bachelor of Science from Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA.


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