Dr. Angela Mulrooney is a global speaker, best-selling author, social media expert, and dental business coach. She works with dentists across North America to help them unleash their potential. Whether it's developing their brand or simplifying the entrepreneurial journey, Angela takes her clients from chaos to organization so they can function at peak performance all year round.

Unleash Your Authentic Brand

In this cutting edge, nuts-and-bolts course, Dr. Angela Mulrooney pulls back the curtain and reveals all the steps to succeed in developing your brand in social media by teaching how to:
- Transform Your Credibility
- Craft Your Limelight
- Attract Your Ideal Clients
When done well, social media is 100% about serving your patients at the highest level. The Unleash Your Authentic Brand(tm) strategy presented will inspire you to drill down to your authentic self while unleashing authenticity into your brand and business. You will understand how to create a foundation for a tailored, high-level social media strategy which will enhance your online presence.


1. Create a plan to leverage what makes you unique
2. Construct a roadmap for curating engaging content which showcases your passion and credibility
3. Discover who your ideal potential and current patients are and how to attract them into your audience
4. Leverage your influence on social media into increasing case acceptance in practice.