Want to be a Speaker?

Want to be a Speaker?

Be a Speaker at a Smiles at Sea Event

Smiles at Sea is always seeking new thought leaders who are passionate about bringing compelling content to our events’ attendees.

All future Smiles at Sea speakers must qualify in a “Dentistry’s Got Talent” event before speaking on a cruise experience.

This scouting opportunity is valuable not only for your involvement with Smiles at Sea, but also for industry leaders seeking keynote speaker opportunities. “Dentistry’s Got Talent” events are held one time per year. Our next event will be on October 17 & 18, 2019, in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

If you’re interested in becoming a speaker for future Smiles at Sea events, please e-mail your 60 second video that includes your name, your profession, your topic, and why we should choose you to Smile@SmilesatSea.com for review.

We Will Be Choosing 50 Speakers From The Videos Submitted

Please enter a Link to your own video or email to smile@smilesatsea.com