Our Crew


To be recognized as a national leader in engaging and inspiring professions to achieve their personal and professional goals through quality, creative, and innovative learning experience.

Mission statement

The mission of Smiles at Sea is to travel the world, 1CE at a time, providing high-quality continuing education opportunities to advance the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals. Bon voyage!

I have attended Smiles at Sea CE, and it was the BEST continuing education experience I have ever had the opportunity to attend. Elijah Desmond the founder of Smiles at Sea seeks out the industry's most sought after speakers. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, as well as family friendly. If you want to meet amazing positive and motivated people while gaining knowledge that you can put into action immediately, Smiles at Sea is the place to be!
Judy B.

Elijah Desmond

Captain, Owner of Smiles at Sea

At 15 years old, Elijah started his career as a motivational speaker for kids.

His passion is changing lives by helping people realize the beautiful mind they were born with!  He is a proud graduate of The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene. Elijah has lived in Honolulu, Hawaii, Las Vegas Nevada and now resides in South Florida with his wife and 3 year-old daughter Chloe.

In his free time, Elijah loves going on CRUISES!

Christy Carroll

Chief Operating Officer

Christy is an awesome meeting and event planner, graphic designer, photographer and most importantly a mother! Along with designing all of the marketing materials for Smiles at Sea, she crushes event creation, marketing, planning, execution, and customer service! Christy has been with Smiles at Sea for over 4 years now and enjoys the fast pace of the industry and enjoys meeting hundreds of professionals at each event! In her free time, Christy enjoys being at home with her 3 Princesses and her Husband Dan.

Amy Schieber

Smiles at Sea Travel Specialist

Amy is your official Cruise Planner, representing Cruise Planners and American Express. She enjoys serving Smiles at Sea by making sure our guests have everything booked and ready to go for an incredible educational vacation. When not booking cruises, she loves spending time with her husband Wade and their large family and CRUISING!

Sandra Berger

CE Concierge

Sandra is an expert in all aspects of continuing education. As a Registered Dental Hygienist, AGD PACE provider, writer and national speaker, she is uniquely qualified to ensure our courses comply with accreditation standards. She loves to travel, meet new people, and help our guests get the answers they need.

When not cruising or visiting with her grandchildren, she and her red fox lab named Chip, work with young children and ESL students to help them read better in a “Read to Dogs” program.

Michelle Barrios

Director of Events

Michelle joined our team after having a blast during a Smiles at Sea conference! Her attention to detail, love for event planning, and huge smile are a perfect fit as our Director of Events.

When not cruising, Michelle loves spending time with her family at the pool, at the beach, or on a ball field watching her two daughters playing fast pitch softball somewhere in South Florida.

Shauna Hurst

Team Leader for Event Support

Shauna is a Registered Dental Hygienist with a passion for taking care of everything behind the scenes. With a love for travel, meeting new people, dentistry, and making guests smile, she provides amazing support for all aspects of our events.

In addition to being a member of the Smiles at Sea team, Shauna is also a member of the Cruise Planners team as a travel specialist.

Dana Myers

Exhibitor Concierge

Dana is a Registered Dental Hygienist, CE Co-Chair of Virginia Dental Hygienists’ Association, and board member of the National Network of Healthcare Hygienists. She is passionate about preventive care and emerging technologies that help clinicians improve and save lives. Dana loves to learn from and work with our exhibitors, ensuring they have an awesome on-board experience. Her brightly-colored hair, shining personality, and willingness to serve shine brightly on every cruise.

Lacey Klewin

Social Media Manager

Although Lacey is not a hygienist, she does have an associate’s degree in Nursing.  She loves to find new and fun ways to communicate and express emotion.  You’ll find her wandering around the ship taking pictures, capturing moments, and talking to fun seekers.  You may also be treated to her off-key singing or horribly outdated dance moves.