Sherrine Washington, MSW


Sherrine Washington, MSW, is a former Therapist turned award winning Multi-Million Dollar Sales Coach & Trainer and Founder of Real Talk Sales Consulting LLC. When it comes to sales, Sherrine is a rainmaker. To date she has sold over 32 million for national brands, 28 million in implants alone. Using her award-winning selling skills, she developed the proprietary R.E.A.L Talk Selling™ System featuring her profitable Accelerator Program to help dentists convert potential prospects into patients on the same day of the consultation-PAID IN FULL. A career highlight includes serving on the Corporate Leadership Team at Clear Choice Management Services LLC., a role reserved for the top eight performers within the company. Sherrine was also honored the TOP PRODUCER OF THE YEAR award at Clear Choice. Using her sales methodology over the years, Sherrine consistently maintained a SAME-DAY close rate of 85%-90% at price points ranging between $25,000- $50,000. Her passion is transforming untrained treatment coordinators and “ready to win” sales professionals into revenue generating machines.

The Patient Advocate: How to Close $250,000 in Implant Revenue in 60 days

Growing a dental practice today takes significant change and a dream team consisting of a patient advocate and a rock star treatment coordinator to turn “What should I do prospects? into “Where do I sign patients” like magic. Contrary to popular belief, you are in fact operating a mini sales organization and it takes more than a fancy website and paid ad words to bring revenue through the doors of your practice. You need an iron clad sales process that is designed to convert your prospects into patients at first substantial-over the phone! During this training, Sherrine Washington, from Real Talk Sales Consulting will share the top five missed opportunities that could be limiting your opportunity to close full arch cases. Invite your treatment coordinator and learn a sophisticated and patient-centric approach to closing cases up to $55,000 on the same day of the consultation-PAID IN FULL!
This session is designed to help increase your case acceptance rate for full-arch cases. You will be able to implement changes into your practice the next business day!


  • Discover how you can grow your practice by targeting patients who are actively search for dental implants.
  • Create a memorable experience for your patients so they show up to their scheduled appointment with a motive to move forward
  • Understand how to communicate the patient’s needs, wants, and vision so the doctor can get in and out of the consultation room in 15 minutes or less.
  • Learn how to have a robust financing conversation and practice presenting high dollar fees without having a treatment plan in your hand.