The 5 Step Treatment Planning Partnership

Wendy Briggs, RDH

Wendy Briggs, RDH

Wendy Briggs is a registered Dental Hygienist with more than 25 years of experience. For more than 19 years Wendy has helped thousands of dentists take control of their practice and uncover millions of dollars of unseen/untapped revenue by serving their patients at a higher level. Production is never the goal, it’s the result of taking great care of our patients.

She has consulted with more than 3,718 dental practices in 12 countries. She is a published author who has been featured in virtually every dental publication and has lectured for and consulted with many of the top leaders is the industry.

In addition to her managerial expertise, Wendy has one of the most highly regarded hygiene and Periodontal programs in the industry. Dental Service Organizations and privately owned practices soar when they adopt her protocol.

About This Course

Wendy will walk through how to create a well choreographed process for Dentists and Hygienists with presenting treatment to patients. How many opportunities are being missed in your exam process? Many practices have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars sitting in their unscheduled treatment plans report. We often know this is a problem, but don't know what steps to take to fix it. Wendy's 5 step process has helped thousands of Dental Practices achieve higher levels of effectiveness. This program is designed for dentists and hygienists to attend together, to work on creating a better system for acceptance with patients that provides immediate results.


  • Understand the basic signs and symptoms of common medical emergencies
  • Gain a basic understanding of current street drugs
  • Learn how to build a response plan with scripts to automate the office staff during high risk