Quantum Wellness in Dentistry

D. Bryan Ferre

D. Bryan Ferre

Bryan Ferre became Chief Evangelist at Vivos in 2017, just three years after his wife of fifteen years died suddenly and unexpectedly from sleep apnea. Bryan brings over twenty-five years of experience in executive creative roles. Bryan is the consummate evangelist. His passion for the Vivos mission is evidenced in everything he does. Bryan’s storied career began as a humble graphic designer. He has a keen eye for great design and he recognizes the importance of communicating a clear and concise brand story. Bryan is a story teller – on one of the thousands of impassioned phone calls each week or as he contemplates the Vivos story in words, graphics or on film. In 2019, at age 50, Bryan returned to school to obtain a doctorate in Natural Medicine. As an artist, this meant starting over. Bryan’s passion for alternative healthcare and his mission to rid the world of sleep apnea dictate hard things. This is not hard.

About This Course

In this course, renowned speaker and coach, Bryan Ferre discusses the future of wellness in dentistry. New research has revealed new and inspiring evidence for a whole health approach to dentistry. Bryan will reveal 10 practical steps you can take in your practice to create an optimal healing environment for your patients as you begin to integrate a whole body health approach. You will learn how to set your practice up for success in case acceptance and create an indispensable relationship with every patient.


1. Determine what is Whole Body Health Dentistry
2. Identify how to create an optimal healing environment
3. Create and maintain an indispensable relationship with every patient.