O.M.G. I got a Bad Review, What to do

Leonard F Tau DMD

Leonard F Tau DMD

Chosen as one of the top leaders in dental consulting by Dentistry Today, Len Tau, DMD, has dedicated his professional life to improving dentistry for both patients and other dentists. After purchasing his practice, the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence
in Philadelphia in 2007, Len practiced full-time while consulting to other dental practices, training thousands of dentists
about reputation marketing, leading the dental division of BirdEye, a reputation marketing platform, and hosting the popular, Raving Patients podcast. He recently authored the book Raving Patients and the soon to be released 100 Tips to 100 Reviews in 100 Days. In 2018, Len cut down to practicing dentistry two days per week to focus additional time and attention to helping other dentists build broad and compelling online footprints that attract hundreds of new patients to their practices.
Len lectures nationally and internationally on using internet marketing, social media, and reputation marketing to make dental offices more visible and credible as well as how to increase their case acceptance.

About This Course

Every dental practice has seen a patient leave a bad review online on Google, Yelp, Facebook or one of the other 120 websites that collect and republish feedback from your patients. A perfect dental practice isn't one with perfect reviews, it is one that deals with reviews perfectly. One of the most common questions dentists and their teams have is what do they do when they receive a bad review from a patient. Many feel like they are being attacked and their emotions vary from anger to embarrassment and perhaps some as even depression but don't worry negative reviews are going to happen. The patient may be having a bad day, a team member said the wrong thing or the insurance did not pay as much as expected and thus the patient owed more than you anticipated. One negative reviews isn’t going to shut down your practice, but the way you handle negative reviews will set the stage in moving forward and improving your practice’s customer service and online reputation. In this 1 hour seminar you will learn techniques to help you solve negative reviews and earn better reviews, increase production and get more new patients.  


  • Identify why online reputation is important
  • Describe how online review websites work
  • Recognize how to handle negative reviews
  • Review how to create systems in your office to get patients to leave feedback for you
  • Determine how to monitor and manage your online reputation