Increasing Profitability Through The Circle Of Focus

Dr. Anissa Holmes

Dr. Anissa Holmes

Dr. Anissa Holmes, dentistry's leading digital marketing expert, has trained thousands of practices on how to leverage social media to grow their practices effectively. Dr. Holmes whose been in the trenches and built a following of 50,000 Facebook followers for her own practice, has built multiple million dollar plus practices using the proven marketing frameworks that she now teaches and shares with audiences worldwide. Dr. Holmes has trained with the best of the best in Facebook strategy, online marketing, funnel building, automation and sales, and applied that cutting-edge knowledge to build highly effective, repeatable processes for stress-free dental practice growth.

About This Course

Increasing Profitability Through the Circle of Focus presentation will share pearls that you can use right away in your everyday practice. This presentation is specifically designed for you if you are wanting to create an implementable roadmap to take your practice the next level – whether you are wanting to implement new services, scale to the next million or bring on more associates to help your practice grow. This presentation is designed to introduce you to the essential strategies of identifying the gaps, empowering and adding accountability to your team, and having a proven roadmap of what to focus on first to get everyone on the same page for ultimate practice growth.


• Determine the circle of focus for profitability and how to build a roadmap so everyone is clear on what matters most
• Discover which systems lead to higher case acceptance, team by in, and the ability to grow by 45% plus in one calendar year
• Discover little known ways to empower your team to become stronger leaders and to get excited about growing the practice
• Identify the role of the team in overall success