(Day 1) Clocked-In: Make Every Minute Matter

Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson

About This Course

Understanding the why and the purpose behind time management is the first step to keeping your practice organized and efficient. Learning and implementing good time management skills can increase practice productivity and helps to create a productive and positive work environment. A practice that is well organized and team members that balance their time well, will have better communication among the team and work more efficiently. Having time management and organization skills are key to creating an environment that team members thrive and patients appreciate, allowing for a less stressful work environment the ability to offer the best care for patients.


  1. Discuss the Why and the Importance of Time Management in the Dental Practice
  2. Recognize the Importance of Morning Huddles and Meetings
  3. Examine the Keys to Effective Time Management
  4. Identify Barriers to Effective Time Management