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Creating an Optimal Healing Environment: A New Perspective on Health History in The Dental Office

D. Bryan Ferre

D. Bryan Ferre

Bryan Ferre became Chief Evangelist at Vivos in 2017, just three years after his wife of fifteen years died suddenly and unexpectedly from sleep apnea. Bryan brings over twenty-five years of experience in executive creative roles. Bryan is the consummate evangelist. His passion for the Vivos mission is evidenced in everything he does. Bryan’s storied career began as a humble graphic designer. He has a keen eye for great design and he recognizes the importance of communicating a clear and concise brand story. Bryan is a story teller – on one of the thousands of impassioned phone calls each week or as he contemplates the Vivos story in words, graphics or on film. In 2019, at age 50, Bryan returned to school to obtain a doctorate in Natural Medicine. As an artist, this meant starting over. Bryan’s passion for alternative healthcare and his mission to rid the world of sleep apnea dictate hard things. This is not hard.

About This Course

Many dentists begin their career with high expectations and hope to provide the best standard of care for their patients. To treat and to efficiently care for their patients.
Evolutions in craniofacial sleep medicine, the next generation of therapeutic protocols are making it possible for dentists to achieve that altruistic ambition. Historically, dental sleep has focused on delivering a palliative solution for the visible symptoms of sleep disordered breathing including obstructive sleep apnea. Advancements in technology make it possible today to target the underlying cause of OSA and provide a lasting resolution for the millions who suffer from OSA and its related health concerns. However, many dentists grapple with the decision to integrate craniofacial sleep into their practice. And with good reason.

Integrating a new line of care is complicated and takes an investment of resources, time and capital. The impact to office operations can feel overwhelming for most busy dental practices.


  • Discuss specific strategies for transforming your practice by creating an optimal healing environment in your practice
  • Recognize the importance of creating an optimal healing environment when integrating any new therapeutic protocol.
  • Identify a specific set of tools to complete an internal analysis of your practice and to begin transforming