Courageous Presentations: Craft & Deliver the Best Speech of Your Life

Katherine Eitel Belt

Katherine Eitel Belt

Katherine Eitel Belt, CSP, is Dentisty’s Unscripted Communications Coach!  LionSpeak founder and CEO, Katherine is an international speaker, author, and performance coach, best known for helping professionals develop courageous, unscripted conversations with patients, clients, co-workers, and audiences.  Whether communicating from a treatment room, boardroom, or stage, clients love her simple yet powerful formulas for delivering messages with clarity, courage, and inspiration. Spotlight-On-Speaking champion, National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional, Speaking Consulting Network founding member, past-president of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, faculty instructor for Dental Business Institute and Dental Speakers Institute, and recipient of the Linda Miles Spirit Award.

About This Course

Warren Buffet said, “Public speaking is THE most valuable business skill.”  Whether you are speaking at an industry event, addressing your team, promoting a new idea, or hoping to win a speaking competition, your ability to create clarity and inspiration will determine your success.  Champion speaker, presentation coach, and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Katherine Eitel Belt, will show us how StorySelling, humor, and audience engagement can influence and persuade our listeners without memorizing a script.  She’ll show us how to organize our material, find and craft compelling stories, and deliver it all with finesse and authenticity… and she’ll help us handle those pesky butterflies and nerves once and for all.


  1. Learn an easy way to write a speech anytime and every time using "The Bookshelf" formula.
  2. Translate technical subjects using stories, metaphors, acronyms, memory anchors, and interaction.
  3. Discover how to be more comfortable, confident, and conversational on stage.
  4. Comfortably and appropriately promote products and services using "StorySelling" techniques.