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Comply with Me: Taking OSHA and Infection Control to New Heights

Karen K. Daw, MBA, CECM

Karen K. Daw, MBA, CECM

Karen Daw is an award-winning national speaker, author of numerous articles and CE courses on safety in dentistry, and a consultant to practices across the country. She earned her BA from the Ohio State University and her MBA with concentrations in Healthcare Administration and Business Management. After graduating, Karen was recruited from the Emergency Department to her roles as Assistant Director of Sterilization Monitoring and Health and Safety Director for the OSU College of Dentistry. Karen draws on her rich background to educate audiences large and small on how NOT to do safety, and, best practices to avoid penalties, negative reviews and the 6 o’clock news!

About This Course

“Is it really annual safety training time? Again?” “How can we possibly remember all the rules and regulations, and what do we actually need to be doing anyway?“ “I know, I know…OSHA…CDC…IC…PPE…wake me when it’s over.” Even if you think you’ve heard it all before, you’ve never heard it the way Karen Daw, “The OSHA Lady,” delivers safety training for dental and medical professionals. With a fresh, fun, and efficient approach, Karen keeps things moving, always grounded in real-world examples of what can go wrong (sometimes in a matter of seconds) if we let our guard down.

Complacency is the enemy in infection control and safety; Karen’s in-depth, informative workshops put principle into practice by taking an unexpected, engaging approach to compliance training topics like: hand hygiene, sharps safety, instrument sterilization, and appropriate barriers for bloodborne, contact, droplet, and airborne pathogens. So, leave the OSHA and CDC binders on their shelves for a little while, and let Karen guide your team through an entertaining, interactive, and potentially life-saving refresher course exclusively tailored for those working in healthcare.


  • Fulfill components of OSHA’s annual training requirement
  • Review common CDC infection control recommendations
  • List resources available to support the practice’s Safety Officer