Rebecca Layhe, CSCC


Rebecca Layhe has worked in the medical field for over 20 years. She has experience in dental and medical practice management, as well as in medical billing, coding, transcription, and is a medical language specialist. She has extensive marketing experience and has worked recently developing the leading dental sleep medicine practice in Arkansas. She has a passion for education and marketing, lecturing regularly on the role of Dental Sleep Medicine in the treatment of sleep apnea. Rebecca’s experience in the medical and dental fields allows her to understand the intricacies of integrating medical therapies and billing into the dental practice. As the leading dental sleep medicine consultant in Arkansas, she has a balanced understanding of business management, team building, and sleep medicine practice development.

Airway Care in the Dental Chair

This is an introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine protocols for your office! Introduction to a turnkey protocol to care for patients with sleep related breathing disorders as well as the technology necessary for airway management.


  • Identify those patients that are candidates for dental sleep medicine.
  • Determine what is needed to implement of dental sleep medicine in your office.